Testimonials - Modelling Summer School

August 20, 2011 - Modelling Summer School

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful opportunity provided by MoCSSy and IRMACS in the first Modelling Summer School. Over the two weeks of the project, working with the inter-disciplinary team, provided me the opportunity to share the best of my knowledge and experience as well as to acquire the best of the knowledge and experience of my team members - an invaluable experience. In addition to the project being intellectually stimulating and providing an opportunity to acquire new skills, it was emotionally satisfying by providing the opportunity to make new friends at SFU with individuals I could not have otherwise come in contact with. The project was well directed, well organized, and overall I found it to be an exceptional experience.

-- Hilary Kim Morden
August 16, 2011 - Modelling Summer School

A great school to learn a lot in a short time. The opportunity of such experience is precious.

-- Tim
August 16, 2011 - Modelling Summer School

It was a great summer school. Thanks to IRMACS and MOCSSY.

-- Parastoo
August 13, 2011 - Modelling Summer School

It was a great oppurtunity for me to take part in the first IRMACS modelling summer school 2011. I must say that I had a great time and experience working in real time projects and applying mathematical tools to analyze the present socioeconomic problems that exists in our present society. It was great to work with a group of knowledgable people coming from various major subjects like Mathematics, Criminology, Social Science, Geography and Computing Science. The way the school was conducted was great with our mentor Vijay Mago and supervisor Vahid Dabbaghian leading from the front. I learnt a lot about the methodology and some intrinsic details of the project. Finally Irmacs facilities are beyond praise, one of the best in the world for sure. I look forward to work in future in many projects and contribute to the MOCSSY department.

-- Rakhi Chattopadhyay
August 9, 2011 - Modelling Summer School

This summer school was very productive and useful for me . I learned new approach(FCM) and applied it in Homelessness problem. It was completely organized, fruitful. I enjoyed it and I hope we could have it at least once a year or even twice. It is a short term workshop, but very dense and helpful. I really appreciate all organizers who made it happen. Thank you all. It was a really good experience.

-- Sara Namazi