Modelling Summer School

As part of the IRMACS Thematic Year: “Scientific Modelling at SFU”, the IRMACS Centre was pleased to host the first IRMACS Modelling Summer School. The School was held in the IRMACS Centre from July 4th - July 15th, 2011

The primary goal of the summer school was to introduce students to the advantages of uniting researchers from diverse fields in order to conduct scientific modeling using an interdisciplinary approach. The first week of the summer school began with a joint session during which all participants were introduced to proposed problems. Participants were then divided into two smaller groups led by group supervisors and mentors, who guided them in working on the proposed problem for which they were assigned. On the final day of the school, July 15th, each group presented their solutions to their problem.

Summer school students are invited to participate in the post-event survey.

Summer School Problems

A Fuzzy Cognitive Map Approach for Analyzing Impact of Social Aspects Contributing to Homelessness

Supervisor: Dr. Vahid Dabbaghian, Modelling of Complex Social Systems (MoCSSy) Program, SFU
Mentor: Dr. Vijay Kumar Mago Research Associate, MoCSSy Program

Modelling evolutionary processes using Kernel density methods

Supervisor: Dr. Arne Mooers, Biodiversity Lab, SFU
Mentor: Mick Elliot, Ph.D. Student, Department of Biology, SFU.

Presentation Videos

Modelling evolutionary processes using Kernel density methods (PDF)127.36 KB
MoCSSy Summer School Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping Final (PDF)5.35 MB